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Number 3Fall 1999 RCSB
Published quarterly by the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics

Fall 1999

10213 Released atomic coordinate entries

Molecule Type

  • 9066 proteins, peptides, and viruses
  • 434 protein/nucleic acid complexes
  • 701 nucleic acids
  • 12 carbohydrates

Experimental Technique

  • 223 theoretical modeling
  • 1602 NMR
  • 8388 diffraction and other
  • 2901 structure factor files
  • 593 NMR restraint files

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PDB Home

SDSC: www.rcsb.org
Rutgers: rcsb.rutgers.edu
NIST: rcsb.nist.gov

E-mail: info@rcsb.org
FTP: ftp.rcsb.org

Message from the RCSB
June 30, 1999, was the day that the address http://www.rcsb.org/ became the single home of the Protein Data Bank. All queries to the old BNL-PDB are being redirected to the new site. This final step marked the end of the transition period that began in October 1998, for the RCSB to assume responsibility for the PDB. [MORE...]

PDB at the IUCr Meeting
XVIII International Union of Crystallography Congress and General Assembly was a wonderful experience for those of us in the RCSB to meet the PDB users who attended IUCr Congress and General Assembly in Glasgow, Scotland, this year.. [MORE...]

Data Deposition and Processing Update
Data deposited at the RCSB PDB is fully processed within a few days of deposition. [MORE...]

PDB Change Advisory Notices
Introduction to Structure Checking by the RCSB. Modifications to established PDB services will be implemented after community review. PDB Advisory Notices are sent out as a means of communicating and refining any changes to the PDB. [MORE...]

Status of PDB WWW Mirrors
RCSB PDB Mirrors. In addition to the existing RCSB mirrors at Rutgers and NIST, over the past few months the RCSB PDB has been working to establish a world-wide set of mirrors. Our immediate focus is to establish a relatively small number of mirror sites at strategic locations around the globe.. [MORE...]

The PDB CD-ROM set for structures released through July 1, 1999, is now available. Distribution began at the IUCr meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, August 4-13, 1999. [MORE...]

WPDB - Access to the PDB for Windows Users
WPDB is a software package for maintaining a database of macromolecular structures derived from the PDB and exploring those structures with a variety of supplied tools. WPDB is available for all Intel processors running a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 3.1, Win95, and Win98 Wintel platforms). [MORE...]

First NMR Task Force Workshop
The RCSB has reached out to the NMR community by bringing together experts in the field to form a task force to provide us with advice and guidance in those aspects of the PDB that are unique to the NMR structure files. [MORE...]

PDB News Distribution Advisory
The PDB proposes to make the following changes in the way they disseminate information to the community, with the goal of being more timely and cutting production costs. [MORE...]

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