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Number 6July 18, 2000 RCSB
Published quarterly by the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics

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June 27, 2000

12,592 Released atomic coordinate entries

Molecule Type

  • 11,171 proteins, peptides, and viruses
  • 853 nucleic acids
  • 550 protein/nucleic acid complexes
  • 18 carbohydrates

Experimental Technique

  • 10,316 diffraction and other
  • 3,826 structure factor files
  • 1,995 NMR
  • 794 NMR restraint files
  • 281 theoretical modeling

PDB Home

SDSC: www.rcsb.org
Rutgers: rutgers.rcsb.org
NIST: nist.rcsb.org

E-mail: info@rcsb.org
FTP: ftp.rcsb.org

Message From the PDB

Data Deposition and Processing

PDB Deposition Statistics
In the second quarter of 2000, 618 structures were deposited to the PDB using ADIT... [MORE...]

PDB File Format FAQ Available
The PDB has released a document that addresses questions about the PDB file format frequently posed by depositors and users... [MORE...]

PDB Launches a Deposition Mirror Site at Osaka University The PDB has established a deposition mirror site at the Institute for Protein Research at Osaka University in Osaka, Japan. [MORE...]

Data Uniformity and Master Archive

Plans for Releasing Data from the Uniformity Project The goal of the PDB Data Uniformity project is to maintain the greatest possible consistency within the entire archive. [MORE...]

Automated Filing System for the PDB Master Archive A computer-driven filing system for the PDB Master Archive has been installed at NIST. [MORE...]

Data Query and Distribution

PDB Website Statistics
An analysis of access statistics for the primary PDB website shows that the number of hits it has received has remained consistently high over the past few months... [MORE...]

Alternative URL's The url http://www.pdb.org now directs the Web browser to the home page for the primary PDB site... [MORE...]

PDB Outreach Activities

RCSB Hosts CCPN Meeting The RCSB was pleased to host the second workshop for the Collaborative Computational Project (CCP) for NMR on May 22, 2000 at NIST. [MORE...]

PDB Featured at BIO2000
The PDB saw an extremely high and broad interest in Biotechnology at the BIO2000 meeting held in Boston, Massachusetts during March 26-30. [MORE...]

PDB CD-ROM Set 92 Released
Issue 92 of the PDB CD-ROM set, containing 12,009 structure files on five disks, is now available. [MORE...]

Molecules of the Quarter
Collagen, Cytochrome c Oxidase, and HIV-1 Protease. [MORE...]

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