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Number 7October 17, 2000 RCSB
Published quarterly by the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics

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October 1, 2000

13,270 Released atomic coordinate entries

Molecule Type

  • 11,806 proteins, peptides, and viruses
  • 879 nucleic acids
  • 567 protein/nucleic acid complexes
  • 18 carbohydrates

Experimental Technique

  • 10,900 diffraction and other
  • 4,129 structure factor files
  • 2,071 NMR
  • 847 NMR restraint files
  • 299 theoretical modeling

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NIST: nist.rcsb.org

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Message From the PDB

Data Deposition and Processing

PDB Deposition Statistics In the third quarter of 2000, 676 structures were deposited to the PDB using ADIT... [MORE...]

PDB Focus: The ADIT Validation Server Depositors are encouraged to use the ADIT Validation Server (http://pdb.rutgers.edu/validate/) prior to the deposition of a structure to the PDB... [MORE...]

Data Deposited and Processed Using the ADIT Mirror at Osaka University During the past three months, depositions have been accepted at the ADIT site established at the Institute for Protein Research at Osaka University in Osaka, Japan... [MORE...]

Data Uniformity and NMR

Data Uniformity and Enzyme Classification In the PDB's on-going effort to improve the reliability of searches, the data uniformity project looked at the accurate query of enzymes according to the Enzyme Commission classification... [MORE...]

PDB's NMR Task Force at ICMRBS Conference The PDB's NMR Task Force brings together experts to provide the PDB with advice on issues that are specific to NMR structure files... [MORE...]

Data Query Reporting, Access, and Distribution

New Query and Reporting Features The RCSB continues to enhance and upgrade the capabilities of the PDB customizable search interface and reporting output... [MORE...]

PDB Web Site Statistics An analysis of access statistics for the primary PDB Web site shows that the number of hits it has received has fluctuated a bit over the past few months... [MORE...]

PDB Outreach Activities

PDB Activities at Summer Conferences An important aspect of the PDB outreach and education efforts is to maintain discourse with the PDB user community... [MORE...]

PDB CD-ROM Set 93 Released The PDB archive was released on this quarter's CD-ROM set 93... [MORE...]

Molecules of the Quarter Nucleosome, Restriction Enzymes, and Lysozyme. [MORE...]

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