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Number 10 Summer 2001 RCSB
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June 30, 2001

15,488 Released atomic coordinate entries

Molecule Type

  • 13,836 proteins, peptides, and viruses
  • 986 nucleic acids
  • 648 protein/nucleic acid complexes
  • 18 carbohydrates

Experimental Technique

  • 12,780 diffraction and other
  • 5,517 structure factor files
  • 2,378 NMR
  • 1,081 NMR restraint files
  • 330 theoretical modeling

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SDSC: www.rcsb.org
Rutgers: rutgers.rcsb.org
NIST: nist.rcsb.org

E-mail: info@rcsb.org
FTP: ftp.rcsb.org

Message from the PDB

Data Deposition and Processing

Beta Version of PDB Validation Software Released The PDB Validation Suite is a set of applications programs that create validation reports about 3D structure data... [MORE...]

PDB Deposition Statistics In the first half of the year 2001, approximately 1500 structures have been deposited to the PDB... [MORE...]

PDB Focus: PDB File Format Documentation In response to questions about the PDB file format, we have compiled relevant documents... [MORE...]

Data Query, Reporting, Access, and Distribution

New Look for the PDB Home Page The PDB home page now has a new look, thanks to feedback from PDB users... [MORE...]

Prereleased Sequences Now Available from the PDB Web Site On October 24, 2000, the PDB asked for feedback regarding the release of sequence data before the coordinate data are released... [MORE...]

PDB Web Site Statistics A glance at the access statistics for the primary PDB Web site at http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/ reveals that the Web site hits received and files downloaded continue to be on the rise... [MORE...]

PDB Outreach

PDB Paper Cited in Science Watch® The publication Science Watch® has named "The Protein Data Bank" as the second-most cited research paper of 2000... [MORE...]

Second International Structural Genomics Meeting The Second International Structural Genomics Meeting was held at the Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Virginia, on April 4-6, 2001... [MORE...]

"The Structures of Life" Booklet Published Images from the PDB were used in the booklet "The Structures of Life"... [MORE...]

PDB CD-ROM Set 96 Released The latest PDB CD-ROM (release #96) is currently being distributed... [MORE...]

Molecules of the Quarter Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases, Cyclooxygenase, and Myosin

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