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April 1, 2004

24,908 released atomic coordinate entries

Molecule Type

22,528 proteins, peptides, and viruses
1,301 nucleic acids
1,061 protein/nucleic acid complexes
18 carbohydrates

Experimental Technique

21,230 diffraction and other
12,324 structure factor files
3,678 NMR
1,868 NMR restraint files


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Message from the RCSB PDB

Data Deposition and Processing

PDB Chemical Component Dictionary Format Description Available The PDB is constantly improving its descriptions of small molecules. Its Chemical Component Dictionary (formerly called the HET Group Dictionary) is available in PDB and mmCIF formats, and is updated weekly. ... [MORE...]

Validation of Protein Structures for the PDB A paper published in the Macromolecular Crystallography volume of Methods in Enzymology describes the procedures used for structure validation and processing by the PDB. ... [MORE...]

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Release of New Deposition Tool at BMRB

Data Query, Reporting, and Access

QuickSearch Available on RCSB PDB Site A new keyword search feature that searches across the PDB archive and/or the RCSB PDB website static pages is available. ... [MORE...]

Accessing and Understanding Biological Units When crystallographic structures are deposited in the PDB, the primary coordinate file generally contains one asymmetric unit—a concept that has applicability only to crystallography, but is important to understanding the process in obtaining the functional biological molecule. ... [MORE...]

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The PDB: A Case Study in Management of Community Data A paper in the inaugural issue of Current Proteomics describes the development of the PDB and the expansion of its community of data depositors and users ... [MORE...]

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