Help Desks Answer Questions about Remediated Data, the RCSB PDB Website, Deposition, and more

Electronic help desks are available to support users exploring PDB data.

info@wwpdb.org is available to address questions regarding the remediated PDB archive. The wwPDB appreciates the feedback from users who have examined the Chemical Component Dictionary and files in the remediated archive. Further information about this project is available at www.wwpdb.org.

deposit@deposit.rcsb.org answers questions about the deposition and annotation process at the RCSB PDB.

Support pages at deposit.pdb.org include a file deposition and release FAQ, an overview of software tools, and tutorials for using ADIT, pdb_extract, the Validation Server, and Ligand Depot.

info@rcsb.org responds to requests relating to the navigation of the RCSB PDB website. Questions about searching, reporting, and using all of the resources available from the RCSB PDB should be sent to this address.

The RCSB PDB help system launches a separate browser window to allow users to access the help information and the website at the same time. It offers detailed topics (including Getting Started, Download Files, Search/Browse the Database, and Results), an index, glossary, and search engine.

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Structural Genomics News: PSI Highlighted Structures, Technical Advances, and Assessment

The RCSB PDB Structural Genomics Information Portal offers online tools, summary reports, and target information related to structural genomics. This site also links to new features from the Protein Structure Initiative (PSI). The PSI Structures of the Month highlights recent structures solved by the current centers, while the PSI Technical Highlights describes methods developed by researchers to streamline the structure determination process. These features include links to related information, such as PDB structure summaries, published papers, and center Web sites.

To date, the overall PSI effort has resulted in nearly 2,500 structures of which 70 percent share less than 30 percent of their sequence with known proteins. Methods and tools developed during the first phase of the PSI have been incorporated into the centers' structural genomics pipelines and adopted by structural biology labs worldwide.

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Currently Available Job Openings

The RCSB PDB is currently looking for new people to join our team. Available positions include Scientific Lead, Biochemical Information & Annotation Specialist, Web Developer/Database Programmer, and a Database Application Programmer.

For more details, please see the RCSB PDB employment page.



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Molecules of the Quarter

The Molecule of the Month series explores the function and significance of selected biological macromolecules for a general audience. The molecules featured this quarter were Clathrin  by G.T. Johnson and D.S. Goodsell, Aconitase and Iron Regulatory Protein 1, and Fatty Acid Synthase. The complete Molecule of the Month features are accessible from www.pdb.org.