Published quarterly by the Research Collaboratory
for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank
Summer 2013
Number 58


Snapshot: July 1, 2013

91761 released atomic coordinate entries

Molecule Type

84955proteins and peptides

2549nucleic acids

4234protein/nucleic acid complexes

23 other

Experimental Technique


9987 NMR

514 Electron Microscopy

52 Hybrid

171 Other

Related Experimental Data Files

70449 structure factors

7296 NMR restraints

1055 NMR chemical shifts

1902 EMDB electron microscopy maps

Message from the RCSB PDB

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With RCSB PDB news and updates so readily available through electronic methods, we have decided to cease printing the paper edition of the quarterly newsletter. The current issue will be the last that is printed and mailed to our subscribers.

The newsletter will still be published online. We encourage all of our readers to sign up for quarterly newsletter electronic updates at bit.ly/13XwVFP.

wwPDB is 10!

July 1, 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Worldwide Protein Data Bank.

The wwPDB consists of organizations that act as deposition, data processing and distribution centers for PDB data: RCSB PDB (USA), PDBe (Europe) and PDBj (Japan), and BMRB (USA). The wwPDB's mission is to maintain a single PDB archive of macromolecular structural data that is freely and publicly available to the global community.