Newsletter | Fall 2017 ⋅ Number 75

Data Query, Reporting, and Access

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Simple text searches at are now easier and more accurate. Text searching from the top query bar uses the combined power of the open source Apache Solr platform and an indexing of PDBx/mmCIF data.

Access this new functionality by entering a search term or terms in the top bar of any RCSB PDB page and hitting ‘Go’ or a keyboard return. Searches for multiple words (for example, insulin receptor) and queries for adjacent words enclosed in double quotation marks (for example, “insulin receptor”) may return different results. The first search finds results where the words appear anywhere in the entry, whereas the second returns results where the search terms appear exactly as ordered.

Search results are assigned “Match Scores” to help indicate the relevance of the result and to sort structures from “Higher to Lower” matches and vice versa.

The figure below shows a search for the name Perutz.

When a search term appears in one of the following categories, the corresponding PDBx/mmCIF tokens are highlighted to help users gauge level of interest.

  • Structure author: one of the authors of the structure (
  • Citation author: one of the authors of the citation (primary or otherwise) corresponding to the entry. An author may appear as a citation author, structure author or both for a particular entry (
  • Citation: The title of the citation (primary or otherwise) corresponding to the entry (_citation.title)
  • Entity name: The name commonly associated with the entity matching the search. An entity is a chemically distinct part of the structure entry (
  • Entity Description: A description of the macromolecular contents of an entity (_entity.pdbx_description)
  • Keywords: Keywords that describe the structure (_struct_keywords.text and struct_keywords.pdbx_keywords) defined by the authors of the entry and curated by the annotation staff. The struct_keywords.pdbx_keywords token is displayed as “Classification” on the corresponding Structure Summary page
  • Structure Title: The title of the structure entry (_struct.title)