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Structural motif similarities between PDB structures can provide valuable functional and evolutionary insights. The Structural Motif service finds structures containing a small number of specific amino acids in proximity. This feature looks for residues that appear within 15 Å of each other; the residues may be located far apart in the sequence or appear in different polymer chains.

The search can be launched using the 3D viewer Mol* or through the Advanced Search>Structural Motif option. Documentation help is available.

This service rapidly searches the PDB using the functionality described in Real-time structural motif searching in proteins using an inverted index strategy 2020 PLoS Comput Biol 16(12): e1008502.

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Starting September 19, 2023, RCSB PDB started enforcement of these updated DNS names (previous announcement):

  • FTP:
  • HTTPS: (replaces
  • RSYNC: rsync:// (replaces rsync://

URLs in which the DNS name doesn’t match the protocol (e.g.,, no longer work.  Users who download PDB archive data programmatically are encouraged to switch to the new DNS names. HTTPS protocol is preferred (over FTP) for individual file downloads. The File Download Services documentation has detailed information.