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RCSB PDB will be hosting a variety of training events throughout 2024, from virtual Office Hours to specialized Webinars. 

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Office Hour: General help with Rachel Kramer Green
Monday, February 5 at 2pm ET
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Office Hour: Ask a Biocurator with Brian Hudson and Ezra Peisach
Thursday, March 28 at 1pm ET
Bring your questions about deposition and validation

Registration details will be posted in advance of these events.  

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Since 2014, PDB-101 has focused on different topics to help build a collection molecular stories around a particular theme, Past topics have included cancer and diabetes.

In 2024, PDB-101 will highlight the structural stories of Peak Performance: the structural biology of athletics and well-being, starting with a peak performance calendar.

Athletes require bodies that are the best that is possible, all the way from molecules to muscles. By understanding the structure and function of our molecules, athletes can ensure that they are performing at their peak. This knowledge also informs the ways that we all can live our best lives, at all stages of our lives.

Visit the PDB-101 Browser for more.

Snapshot: January 1, 2024
214,121 Released atomic coordinate entries
Molecule Type
185,605 Proteins, peptides, and viruses
4,357 Nucleic acids
12,474 Protein/nucleic acid complexes
11,457 Protein/Oligosaccharide
22 Oligosaccharide (only)
206 Other
Experimental Technique
181,321 X-ray
14,151 NMR
18,306 Electron Microscopy
229 Multi Method
77 Neutron Diffraction
37 Other

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