he RCSB PDB is dedicated to providing resources that utilize the data contained in the PDB archive.

To this end, we invite our users to participate in the beta test of the re-engineered RCSB PDB site and database. The site was developed using feedback derived from the PDB help desk, conference attendance, focus groups and other personal interactions between the users of the PDB and RCSB staff.

The new system has been designed using an Enterprise Java framework and is based on a three-tier model -- an underlying database, a presentation layer, and a middle tier connecting them. The underlying database consists of curated mmCIF files resulting from the data uniformity project, which will allow improved query access to the unified data.

The beta test site will be available at alongside the current production site. Both sites will be updated regularly.

The RCSB is very excited about this resource, and encourage the PDB community to test the new site. We look forward to your feedback.

The beta RCSB PDB site at Comments about the website should be sent to