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Fall 2008
Number 39

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Paul D. Adams, Ph.D., Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Message from the RCSB PDB

PSI SGKB: A Resource for Structural Genomics and Structural Biology

An increasing number of novel structures in the PDB archive are being deposited by structural genomics centers located worldwide. The RCSB PDB now links to a resource that makes all the structural genomics products generated by the Protein Structure Initative (PSI) available to the greater scientific community.

First established in the spring of 2008, the PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase (PSI SGKB; is an entry point to all of the protein structure and production resources created by the PSI. From the home page, researchers can enter the sequence or PDB ID of a protein to find the corresponding structure and others like it, structural and functional annotations from key external databases, comparative homology model structures available through the Protein Models Portal, experimental progress of similar protein targets through TargetDB, protocols for protein production through PepcDB, and availability of those DNA clone materials through the PSI Materials Repository. Keyword searches return other useful information including descriptions of new technologies and methods, a list of publications detailing key findings, and links to related resources provided by the PSI centers. The PSI SGKB makes it possible for researchers to access a wealth of information from one site.

In September, the PSI SGKB was re-launched as a Gateway in collaboration with the Nature Publishing Group (NPG). The expansion of the PSI SGKB has added a research library, RSS feeds, editorials about new research advances, news, and an events calendar to present a broader view of research activities in structural biology and structural genomics.


2p69. S.C. Almo, J.B. Bonanno, J.M. Sauder, S. Emtage, T.P. Dilorenzo, V. Malashkevich, S.R. Wasserman, S. Swaminathan, S. Eswaramoorthy, R. Agarwal, D. Kumaran, M. Madegowda, S. Ragumani, Y. Patskovsky, J. Alvarado, U.A. Ramagopal, J. Faber-Barata, M.R. Chance, A. Sali, A. Fiser, Z.Y. Zhang, D.S. Lawrence, S.K. Burley (2007) Structural genomics of protein phosphatases. J.Struct.Funct.Genom. 8 : 121-140. Image by David Goodsell from the PSI SGKB [doi:10.3942/psi_sgkb/fm_2008_5]

Snapshot: October 1, 2008
released atomic coordinate entries
Molecule Type
proteins, peptides,
and viruses
nucleic acids
protein/nucleic acid


Experimental Technique
electron microscopy
structure factor files
NMR restraint files


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