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Spring 2009
Number 41

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PDB Archive Version 3.15 Released

A new standardized version of the PDB archive will be available from in early 2009. The date will be announced at

As of December 2, 2008, all new PDB releases follow PDB File Format Contents Guide Version 3.20. With the new version of the archive, all entries released prior to December 2, 2008 will be re-released as PDB Format Version 3.15 files. This release will overwrite all existing files.

A snapshot of the archive before this release will be available from Tools for downloading the archive can be found at For file format documentation, please see

Questions may be sent to

Papers Published

Recently published papers describe the wwPDB collaboration and data formats. Other RCSB PDB publications are listed at the RCSB PDB website. Reprints may be requested by contacting

  • The PDB format, mmCIF formats, and other data formats (2009) in Structural Bioinformatics, second edition, P. Bourne and J. Gu, eds. Hoboken, NJ, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. pages 271-291.
  • The Worldwide Protein Data Bank (2009) in Structural Bioinformatics, second edition, P. Bourne and J. Gu, eds. Hoboken, NJ, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. pages 293-303.
  • Data Deposition and Annotation at the Worldwide Protein Data Bank Molecular Biotechnology (2008) [ doi: 10.1007/s12033-008-9127-7 ].

Deposition Statistics

In the first quarter of 2009, 2041 experimentally-determined structures were deposited to the PDB archive. The entries were processed by wwPDB teams at the RCSB PDB, PDBe, and PDBj.

Of the structures deposited, 75.9% were deposited with a release status of "hold until publication"; 21.2% were released as soon as annotation of the entry was complete; and 2.9% were held until a particular date. 90.9% of these entries were determined by X-ray crystallographic methods; 8.5% were determined by NMR methods.

During the same time period, 1712 structures were released in the PDB.

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