Published quarterly by the Research Collaboratory
for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank
Winter 2013
Number 56


Snapshot: January 1, 2013

87153 released atomic coordinate entries

Molecule Type

80681 proteins, peptides,
and viruses

2474 nucleic acids

3974 protein/nucleic acid complexes

24 other

Experimental Technique

76706 X-ray

9741 NMR

489 Electron Microscopy

51 Hybrid

166 Other

Related Experimental Data Files

66157 structure factors

7048 NMR restraints

1679 EMDB electron microscopy maps

806 NMR chemical shifts

Mesage from the RCSB PDB

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Annual Report Published

The 2012 Annual Report can be downloaded at www.rcsb.org/ar12. The cover highlights the proteins and chemical reactions involved with the citric acid cycle.