Data Deposition/Biocuration Services and Archive Management

In the third quarter of 2018, 3113 experimentally-determined structures were deposited to the PDB archive for a total of 9145 entries deposited in the year. Data are processed by wwPDB partners RCSB PDB, PDBe, and PDBj.

Of the structures deposited in 2018 so far, 88.0% were deposited with a release status of hold until publication; 7.4% were released as soon as annotation of the entry was complete; and 4.6% were held until a particular date.

87.8% of these entries were determined by X-ray crystallographic methods; 3.6% were determined by NMR methods; and 8.2% by 3DEM.

During the same time quarter, 3092 structures and 523 EMDB maps were released in the PDB.


wwPDB has been certified by the CoreTrustSeal Board as a Trusted Digital Repository.

CoreTrustSeal was launched by the ICSU World Data System and the Data Seal of Approval as a unified global organization for certification of data repositories.

Requirements for this accreditation broadly cover the complete life cycle of PDB data management, project organization and oversight.

The wwPDB is dedicated to following CoreTrustSeal standards in order to sustain a freely accessible, single global archive of experimentally determined structure data for biological macromolecules as an enduring public good.