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Test drive significantly revised and updated tools for searching and exploring PDB data at before this site is moved into production later in April.

Improved and enhanced tools include:

  • Basic Search available from the search box at the top of every page
  • Advanced Search Boolean options
  • Display of Advanced Search results for PDB structures, assemblies or unique polymeric molecular entities (unique sequences)
  • Structure and Sequence Similarity and Annotation Browsing integration in Advanced Search
  • Left-hand menu for refining Search Results
  • Stored Search History
  • New MyPDB features: registration via Google/Facebook/ORCID authentication; save/rerun/receive email notifications of searches
  • Improved Download Tool for batches of data files
  • New GraphQL and REST APIs for data access and searching

Your feedback will help ensure RCSB PDB services support our users. Please use the orange Contact Us button on the middle of the right-hand side of each page.

Please note some RCSB PDB features are still in development but will be made available soon, including Custom Tabular Reports and a Chemical Component Search tool.

New Advanced Search Query Builder

A snapshot of the PDB Core archive ( as of January 1, 2020 has been added to and Snapshots have been archived annually since 2005 to provide readily identifiable data sets for research on the PDB archive.

The directory 20200101 includes the 159,140 experimentally-determined structure and experimental data available at that time. Atomic coordinate and related metadata are available in PDBx/mmCIF, PDB, and XML file formats. The date and time stamp of each file indicates the last time the file was modified. The snapshot of PDB Core archive is 575 GB.

A snapshot of the EMDB Core archive ( as of January 1, 2020 can be found in and The snapshot of EMDB Core archive contains map files and their metadata within XML files for both released and obsoleted entries (10370 and 130, respectively) and is 1.7 TB in size.