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  1. Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB; July 10-14): During the poster session on July 13, Dennis Piehl will present Next Generation Protein Data Bank: Enhancing Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability of PDB Data with Enriched Annotations. During the presentations on July 14, hear how Sebastian Bittrich and the team are Scaling to Millions of Structures: Real-Time Protein Structure Motif Searching
  2. American Crystallographic Association (July 29-Aug 3): RCSB PDB members will be presenting talks and posters.  Visit the exhibit booth for surprises.  And on August 2, David Goodsell will receive the Fankuchen Award in recognition of contributions to crystallographic research by one who is known to be an effective teacher of crystallography.

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PDB data are now part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Open Data Sponsorship Program.

RCSB PDB has expanded our data storage capacity through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Open Data Sponsorship Program. The AWS program is providing more than 100 terabytes of storage for no-cost delivery of Protein Data Bank information to millions of scientists, educators, and students around the world working in fundamental biology, biomedicine, bioenergy, and bioengineering/biotechnology.

Access the PDB archive over AWS at Data are organized following the PDB FTP tree structure, and are updated weekly. The collection of annual and milestone snapshots of the archive are also available at AWS.

See also New Collaboration Between RCSB Protein Data Bank and Amazon Web Services Provides Expanded Data Storage and Access to Researchers Worldwide at Rutgers Today.

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Version 2 of the RCSB PDB Search API is now available to better support access to RCSB PDB features. On July 13, 2022, the V1 Search APIs will be removed and completely unresponsive. Documentation is available to help developers migrate from v1 to v2.

Stay up-to-date with API developments by viewing (or subscribing) to the RCSB PDB API announcements Google group.

The Data API and Search API are the two main APIs that power The Data API serves to retrieve data based on PDB ID while the Search API retrieves PDB is that match given conditions.

Recent announcements to the API Google group include the release of Version 2 Search APIs and the availability of Sequence cluster files now per-polymer entity, instead of per-chain.

Detailed documentation on RCSB PDB Web Service APIs is available.

New SARS-CoV-2 PDB structures and related resources are updated regularly at

Corona virus 3D model
Snapshot: July 1, 2022
192,095 Released atomic coordinate entries
Molecule Type
167,378 Proteins, peptides, and viruses
3,940 Nucleic acids
10,480 Protein/nucleic acid complexes
10,085 Protein/Oligosaccharide
22 Oligosaccharide (only)
190 Other
Experimental Technique
166,562 X-ray
13,733 NMR
11,481 Electron Microscopy
208 Multi Method
74 Neutron Diffraction
37 Other