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Poxviruses flyer

For most of human history, smallpox was a serious threat to human life. With discovery of vaccines based on the similar, less dangerous vaccinia virus, this changed, and a global public health effort has eradicated smallpox from the face of the Earth. Other poxviruses, such as monkeypox and cowpox, are still causing rare, localized infections. These are often the result of transfer of the virus from animals to humans.

A new PDB-101 flyer describes how structures of poxvirus proteins are helping researchers find new ways to combat monkeypox.

Throughout 2021, RCSB PDB and the wwPDB celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the PDB. Symposia were held (virtually) around the world, highlighting high-impact applications of protein structural data.

Many videos of these presentations are available online: PDB50 meeting hosted by ASBMB in May; the Biophysical Society-hosted symposium in October; and the Protein Data Bank at 50: Accessing, Understanding, and Assessing PDB Data workshops hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group in November (day 1 and day 2).

PDB50 Videos Collage

Visit RCSB.org/pdb50 for the archive of all PDB50 celebration materials.

Many thanks to the expert judges, students, teachers, parents, and voters who made this exciting competition happen!
High school students are excellent science communicators. Thesubmitted entries in this year's Video Challenge demonstrate tremendous creativity and used many storytelling approaches to communicate the Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer.

Congratulations to the 2022 Prize Winners

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Judges' Award First Place
EGFR/Ras Pathway Relay Race
By Ying Chen, Abigail Chung, Jessica Liu, and Mia Haas of Stuyvesant High School, New York, NY
Team advisor: Mr. Gilbert Papagayo

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Judges' Award Second Place
Menacing Mutations: Examining the Role of the RAS Oncogene in Cancer Development
By Xinyi Zhang of South Brunswick High School, South Brunswick, NJ
Team advisor: Mrs. Dana Armstrong

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Judges' Award Third Place
Pika the p21: Protector of the Cell Cycle
By Jeslyn Choudhruy, He Xuan, and Chloe Zhang of Jericho High School, Jericho, NY
Team advisor: Mrs. Serena McCalla

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Viewer's Choice Award
p53 The Spell Checking Machine
By Isabella Hakim, Kendall Archer, Olivia Spielman, and Noah Um of Riverdale Country School, New York, NY
Team advisor: Mrs. Monica Murakami

Our panel of expert judges (Paul Craig, RIT; Beata E. Mierzwa, UCSD; X.F. Steven Zheng, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey) scored the videos based on Quality of Storytelling (20%), Quality of Science Communication (30%), Quality of Public Health Message (10%), Originality and Creativity (20%), Quality of Production (10%), and Proper Accreditation (10%). The general public voted for the Viewer's Choice Award.

The Biologist Coloring Page icon

The Biologist magazine has launched a new feature: Big Biochemical Colouring-in Series to invite readers to get artistic while learning about some of the life sciences’ most important and interesting macromolecules.

These pages are available for download and coloring from PDB-101.

The Biologist is published four times a year by the Royal Society of Biology.

Download, color, and share your creations on social media and tag RCSB PDB and Royal Society of Biology on Twitter and Royal Society of Biology on Instagram.

Many thanks to the Royal Society of Biology for sharing these pages with PDB-101.

PDB-101 hosts a collection of molecular-themed coloring books.