Published quarterly by the Research Collaboratory
for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank
Spring 2013
Number 57


Snapshot: April 1, 2012

89212 released atomic coordinate entries

Molecule Type

82570 proteins, peptides,
and viruses

2520 nucleic acids

4099 protein/nucleic acid complexes

23 other

Experimental Technique

78608 X-ray

9869 NMR

514 Electron Microscopy

52 Hybrid

169 Other

Related Experimental Data Files

68096 structure factors

7178 NMR restraints

936 NMR chemical shifts

´╗┐April's Molecule of the Month looks at the BIRD molecule actinomycin

Mesage from the RCSB PDB

New and enhanced features have been added to the RCSB PDB, including:

  • The Simple Search available from the top menu bar has a cleaner and simpler look and feel. The search form offers the same search suggestion capabilities.
  • A new Browse Database option can be used to find structures using the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Classification System for drugs from the WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology.
  • Jmol pages now include an updated Display Options menu, new scripting options, tabs for domains and ligands, and the JavaScript beta version of Jmol.
  • Information about protein stoichiometry and symmetry have been integrated into drill down charts and Advanced Search. Symmetry features can be highlighted in Jmol.
  • Options to search, view annotations, and visualize about the peptide-like antibiotic and inhibitor molecules described in the wwPDB's Biologically Interesting molecule Reference Dictionary.
See the What's New page for more new features and examples.

´╗┐Protein Workshop view of vancomycin PRD_000204 as seen in PDB ID 1pnv.

´╗┐PDB-101 has new tabs for easier access to Educational Materials, Molecule of the Month, Understanding PDB Data, and Author Profiles. PDB-101 News has been added.