Newsletter | Spring 2014 Number 61

Published quarterly by the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank

Message from RCSB PDB

2014 Video Challenge for High School Students

The RCSB PDB invites high school students to create short videos (two minutes or less) that tell a story about HIV/AIDS in a new competition. Videos must include a visualization/animation of two or more molecular structures from the PDB and may be focused on any topic related to the structural biology of HIV/AIDS.

Submitted videos will be reviewed by an expert panel and considered for three awards: Judge's Choice, Viewer's Choice, and Service to the Community.

New online video tutorials are available to help students interested in creating molecular animations for their videos. Tutorial 1 demonstrates Protein Visualization with UCSF Chimera, Video Editing with Blender, and Sound Editing in Audacity. Tutorial 2 describes Finding and visualizing HIV-related protein-drug complexes.

Other resources, including a paper model of the HIV capsid and related Molecule of the Month columns, are available from PDB-101 for use in any video.

Visit PDB-101 for an overview, rules, related resources, and more. Sign up for the Video Sign up for the Video Challenge Newsletter for regular updates and suggestions.

The deadline to submit a video is May 31, 2014.

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A PDF flyer describing this challenge is available for download and distribution.