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Spring 2008
Number 37

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Moving Pictures: Using Chimera to Make Molecular Multimedia for the Classroom by Dr. Jeramia Ory, Kings College

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Dr. Christine Orengo, University College London


Message from the RCSB PDB

April 1 marked the 100th edition of the Molecule of the Month, a series produced by David S. Goodsell and featured on the RCSB PDB website.

April 2008 feature on adrenergic receptors marks
the 100th Edition of
Molecule of the Month

Snapshot: April 1, 2008
released atomic coordinate entries
Molecule Type
proteins, peptides,
and viruses
nucleic acids
protein/nucleic acid


Experimental Tecnique
electron microscopy
structure factor files
NMR restraint files

Since January 2000, this series has explored the structure and function of proteins and nucleic acids found in the PDB archive such as transfer RNA, anthrax toxin, and multidrug resistance transporters. To commemorate this event, the RCSB PDB will be offering temporary tattoos of an adrenergic receptor at upcoming meetings. The feature is also available in a specially formatted PDF.

Written and illustrated by David S. Goodsell (The Scripps Research Institute), the Molecule of the Month provides an easy introduction to the RCSB PDB for teachers and students. It is used in many classrooms to introduce structures to students, and is an integral part of the protein modeling event at the Science Olympiad.

The text and images are related to the featured molecule; the RCSB PDB pages link to examples of the molecule. In response to requests, a view of the highlighted structure in Jmol is included in new features to provide an interactive view of the molecule.

New Molecule of the Month features are made available from the RCSB PDB home page with the first update of each month. Alphabetical and chronological listings of past issues are provided. wwPDB partner PDBj has recently started to translate the Molecule of the Month into Japanese.

Links to the series are also available from RCSB PDB's Structure Explorer pages. Selecting "Learn more: [M]" takes the reader to any Molecule of the Month feature related to that particular entry.

David S. Goodsell

To create the series, Goodsell combines his artistic talent with his scientific expertise in his visual representations of molecular biology. He creates his images so as to capture his excitement about science and communicate it to others.

“The combination of art and science gives me a way to access the wonder of nature. It makes me really look at results and think about them in a deeper way,” Goodsell says. “The thing that drives me continually is the beauty of these objects that I’m working on and being amazed at how unusual they are.”

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