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In 2022, enabled access to ~1 million Computed Structure Models (CSMs) from AlphaFoldDB and RoseTTAFold (from ModelArchive). now offers access to updated AlphaFold models plus ~68,000 additional CSMs from ModelArchive that include:

  1. Freshwater sponge proteins (modeled with ColabFold, ModelArchive: ma-coffe-slac)
  2. African swine fever virus proteins (modeled with AlphaFold, ModelArchive: ma-asfv-asfvg)
  3. Structural models of the Sphagnum divinum proteome (modeled using AlphaFold2, ModelArchive: 10.5452/ma-ornl-sphdiv)
  4. Hetero-dimer set of proteins from cancer interactome (modeled using AlphaFold, ModelArchive: 10.5452/ma-t3vr3

Exploring PDB Structures and CSMs at

Experimental structures and CSMs are clearly identified throughout the website: a dark-blue flask icon is used for PDB structures and a cyan computer icon for CSMs.

Only experimentally-determined PDB structures are included in search results by default. Move the "Include CSM" from gray- to cyan-colored slider to activate.

Details are available at and described in

RCSB Protein Data Bank ( delivery of experimentally-determined PDB structures alongside one million computed structure models of proteins from artificial intelligence/machine learning
(2023) Nucleic Acids Research 51: D488–D508 doi:10.1093/nar/gkac1077

Structural motif similarities between PDB structures can provide valuable functional and evolutionary insights. The Structural Motif service finds structures containing a small number of specific amino acids in proximity. This feature looks for residues that appear within 15 Å of each other; the residues may be located far apart in the sequence or appear in different polymer chains.

The search can be launched using the 3D viewer Mol* or through the Advanced Search>Structural Motif option. Documentation help is available.

This service rapidly searches the PDB using the functionality described in Real-time structural motif searching in proteins using an inverted index strategy 2020 PLoS Comput Biol 16(12): e1008502.